Infographic for Finestrelles

09.05.14 | Today the infographic that we designed from the studio for explaining the installation of the LED’s beacon system has been applied. This system is powered by wind and photovoltaic energy, in the path goes from Casal del Barri de La Mercè to the cross with the path of Camí de Finestrelles and the path of Access to the Carretera de Les Aïgues. The infographic works for divulge tasks as academic area as business. The project has been drive by Ajuntament de Barceona, the Agència d’Energia de Barcelona and the companies Navitas Paradigma and Uptive.


Mini aerogenerador de Finestrelles

Luces de balizamiento del Camí de Finestrelles

Placas solares en Finestrelles

Plafón infografía del sistema en Finestrelles

Plafón infografía explicación de los componentes en Finestrelles

diseño gráfico plafon 1 infografia para instalación mini eólica

diseño gráfico plafón 2 infografía Finestrelles energía mini eólica

© Imatges fāctil



Loop on Wallpaper*

26.03.14 | Loop has been featured on the last issue of wallpaper* magazine surrounded by some of the best spanish designs. And has also been featured on its website as part of the W* House selection.

Portada de la revista wallpaper de abril de 2014 en la que aparece el muble loop de factil

fotografía del reportaje en la revista wallpaper de abril de 2014 en la que aparece el mueble loop de factil design

© Images wallpaper* + fāctil



Product Design Madrid 2

22.11.13 | This days the fāctil team are in Product Design Madrid. This Second edition was celebrate in the Official Architecture School of Madrid. The progression of that event is a fact, practically the number of participants has been doubled since the first edition, celebrated the last February 2013. 

In this occasion we exhibit our Slowclock and also another unpublished piece that we will show you with details soon, inside of the ELISAVA exhibition space.

The exhibition started the last 21th Thursday and It will be closed the next Sunday, 24th of November. At the same time is show also the exhibition “Rojo” organized by RED, that moves to Madrid and will traveling for different countries of the world until the next months.


© Images fāctil