Tapas. Spanish Design for Food

22.10.13 | In celebration of the Spain-Japan dual year, the exhibition "Tapas. Spanish Design for Food" will be inaugurated on 26th October until January 2014 at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo where you will be able to see our creative cutlery in amongst “Tokyo Designers Week”. In parallel, and in this case on the occasion of Florida’s 500th Anniversary, it will be on display at Miami’s Moore Building from 9th November to 15th December, coinciding with “Art Basel Miami Beach”.

Designers, architects, wineries, wines and chefs travel to Japan and the US thanks to the TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food exhibition organised and produced by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and curated by the architect and designer Juli Capella to showcase how design and cuisine have always been closely linked in Spain. The exhibition presents more than 200 objects designed in recent decades, together with some traditional icons of Spanish design used in preparing or tasting food. It is a spectacle of imagination and talent serving your sense of taste where we hope you will be able to attend, if you are lucky enough to do so.




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