Shu keeps turning

30.05.13 | This June will be displayed in various exhibitions and conferences:

From 6th to 30th June will see the exhibition "Engineering and Design for small wind energy" at the Civic Center Can Deu (Plaza de la Concordia 13, Barcelona). The opening will be on Thursday 6th at 6:30 pm.

From 14th to 16th June will be the Feast of Science and Technology at Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, where you can see the Shu prototype along with other interesting things. Pdf Program.

On June 15th at 5:30 pm will be a conference on the operation, design and implementation of urban wind turbines, in the Civic Center Urgell (c / Urgell 15, Barcelona) within the framework of the activities of the Off BCN Design Week 2013. The conference will by Fernando Pérez of Navitas Paradigma and Óscar Pérez of factil.

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Hello again

13.05.13 | It may seem as if we have been missing for the last few months, but the truth is that we were working hard on our factil relaunch with a new website and renewed energy. What started as a creative studio and a melting pot of ideas just one and a half years ago has now evolved to become a design services company where we have invested all of our efforts and excitement, and we will continue to do so.

Despite the national financial problems and the current industry struggles, factil emerged from the need to channel our natural passion for design. We started as four members, Pablo, Álvaro, Óscar and Pepe. Working together we started a process of professional growth in which we realized we had to take different paths. This is how Pablo and Álvaro created Goula/Figuera. However, the Factil seed was still alive, so the rest of us decided to keep it growing along with Chus, who was actually always there. Now we have an excellent personal and professional relationship with Pablo and Álvaro and our collaborations are both frequent and very fruitful.

Bienvenidos a factil

The enthusiasm we feel for this project has spread professionals of other fields (from programming to online analytical, along with audiovisual media and marketing) with which we always keep in close contact to provide all the best accuracy and professionalism our clients deserve.

It is not all about work here in factil, from here on we are going to show you our new projects, as well as what is going on in Barcelona and all the events we are participating in. Everything we are going to share here will also be shared on social networks, the perfect platform to keep in touch with you and meet new people.

Welcome to Factil, see you on the Net.


Exhibition small wind power

07.03.13 | The exhibition “Engineering and Design for Small Wind Power” opened on the 5th of March in the environmental education centre La Fàbrica del Sol (Pg. Salvat Papasseit 1, 08003, Barcelona), which will be open until the 13th of April.

This exhibition reviews the history of small wind power and raises the future perspectives with prototypes, amongst which the small wind turbine SHU in found, designed and developed by Factil. The exhibition is the result of the Elisava 3rd and 4th year students of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design. Factil has contributed in the making of the presentation boards which explain what small wind power is.

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