Arte Sano

Digital tools help us execute images to perfection, it allows us to master and control every part of the process, which makes is more efficient, but offering a much more predictable result. This editorial project is however proof that mistakes, which are non-existent in the digital process, are beautiful as well; hand over matter, ink over paper and the time invested to print each page by hand. Loving work is mastering every part of the process, experimenting along the process is to learn from it.

Client: Own project
Design: fāctil

© Images fāctil


Toolbox for editing Arte Sano fanzine

Sash, front and back cover of the fanzine Arte Sano

Fanzine Arte Sano interior with images, engraving and letterpress

Dropdown pages of Arte Sano fanzine

Different numbers of Arte Sano collection

Hand finishing of Arte Sano

Letterpress typesetting

Engraving auxiliary tools composition