Hotel +

The corporate identity of Hotel +; 
it is a space for lonely people, depressed, divorced, stressed, to have a rest. It is the place where pessimism is fought in a luxurious and relaxing environment. It has been given an almost medical aesthetic with a message of proximity and optimism, where the use of corporate fluorescent green evokes hope, health and vitality, as well as being a very strong visual concept.

Client: Own project
Design: Chus Molina

Published in Select J

© Images Chus Molina




Complete collection of all the pieces that make up the corporate image of Hotel +

Hotel + business card produced by white plastic thermoformed

Front dropdown informational brochure of Hotel +

Rear dropdown informational brochure of Hotel +

Implementation of the logo on the facade of the Hotel +

Advertising poster of the Hotel +

Web design for Hotel +