Tomo Collection

TOMO is a collection of urban furniture made of concrete. The wide variety of colours and combinable pieces allows anunique level of personalisation in the urban furniture sector. All the pieces in this collection have smooth shapes, escaping the usual stiffness in urban furniture; they are familiar to the user in size and form. Besides, the ergonomy of the backrests is very comfortable, making the most of moulded concrete properties.

Client: Mago Urban
Year: 2012
Design: fāctil

© Images fāctil


All pieces of the Tomo collection in different color options

Possibilities of the low base of the Tomo collection: planter, stool, chair and bin

Possibilities of the long base of the Tomo collection: planter, bench and bench with backrest

Possibilities of high base of the Tomo collection: ashtray, fountain and table

Color options of the Tomo collection