Trapos sucios

Collaboration between Elisava and Urbaser; the company asked our team to reuse obsolete uniforms. The outcome of this workshop offered many objects, awnings to cover spaces and an awareness campaign. The objects were displayed on the Open Doors Day of Urbaser as well as in an Elisava exhibition called "Dirty Rags? Uniform to object", which received several awards. 

Client: Urbaser
Year: 2010
Workshop Team: Curro Claret, Salva Fàbregas, Teresa Valverde, Clara Balmaña, Daniel Díaz, Teresa Duran-Sindreu, Andrés Gómez, Valentina Holt, María Lóbez, Xavi López, Andrea Ortega, Ferran Palau, Óscar Pérez, Boris Puyana, Pau Sabater, Josep M Salvador and Miguel Uribarri

Design for Recycling Award 2011, winner in Category Projects

Finalist in the 2nd Edition of European Waste Prevention, Category Other

© Images Vicente Zambrano and workshop team


Pergola formed with 90 discarded shirts of Barcelona’s sweepers

Products designed and developed in the workshop: thermos, shoulder bag and duffle bag

Duffle bag used as a cushion

Introduction to the exhibition “Dirty rags? From uniform to object”, shown in Elisava

Detail view of an exhibition area

Citizen awareness campaign

Workshop workspace